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July 26, 2007

FUNKOARS – Whos ya step daddy first interview

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 G Force (G):  Who are Funkoars, how did you meet and what part do each of you play in the group? 

Sesta: The Funkoars consist of trials, sesta, hons and we drag dj reflux along for rideHons:  I rap, trials and sesta rap and produce, and reflux dj’s.

Trials: correct. We met somewhere.  

G:  Where did the name Funkoars come from? 

Sesta: To be honest,  it came out of brainstorming while drunk  

G:  What are you trying to bring to the table with Funkoars? 

Sesta: we didn’t set out to try and bring anything, what we do represents who we are so listen to it and do the math god

Trials: correct, we are on some nasty piss on speaker shit. We like slamming beats and filthy raps so that’s pretty much what we do.

Hons: shitty cunt.  

G:  How did you get involved with Certified Wise crew and all the other artists representing Certified? 

Sesta: We’ve all pretty much got the same interests and shit

Trials: yeah, its basically a crew of dudes all working towards the same shit collaborating with each other.

Hons: bunch of sick cunts  

G:  Who are your favourite Australian Hip Hop artists at the moment? 

Hons: Hunter, Pegasus and Dazastah just to name a few

Sesta: Definitely Hilltop Hoods, they are setting the standard and shit these days, and I’m really feeling Coxsters shit too

Trials: I’m digging the Hospice & Art of War a lot at the moment, their crew’s going to make a lot of heads turn when they drop shit  

G:  Who are your favourite up and coming Australian artists? 

Trials: As for dudes who haven’t released anything yet, 360 from Melbourne’s got some killer raps  

 G:  Any particular releases that you think people should peep? 

Sesta: The Funkoars – Who is your step daddy

Hons: Ian McDermot – Happy Harmonica

Trials: George Forman just dropped a new grill, shit is hot  

G:  Alright, lets talk producers, who do you think is making heads knock in AUS at the moment? 

Sesta: Charles Aznavour, Dazastah and Suffa for sure

Hons: Ciecmate of the Hospice, Kris from After Hours and Simplex from Terra Firma

Trials: Coxster has some of the funkiest shit, I’m feelin Dj Bonez and all the stuff I’ve heard from Burna so far too  

G:  Who would you like to work with in Australia at the moment? 

Trials: Sophie Monk

Hons: Kylie Minogue

Sesta: I have trouble working with myself most the time. I’m not at that point in my life where I feel I am comfortable enough to answer that question 

 G:  The Adeliade scene seems to be pretty big at the moment and only getting bigger.  Full of talent and a fairly focused purpose of helping everyone out, what can you tell us about the Adelaide scene? 

Hons: Its good, there are a lot of good Pullingstrings shows being put on lately at good venues since a few new ones have been found

Sesta: The Adelaide scene is very supportive, good vibe at shows, definitely still growing.  

G:  The Certified Wise crew surely would be wielding a lot of power at the moment, bringing a lot of talented crews to the hip hop industry.  Where do you see Certified and Funkoars in the future? 

Hons: world domination, from there who knows?

Trials: I want a butler and French maid

Sesta: I still can’t believe its not butter

Trials: But on a serious note, I think Certified will keep supporting the local scene and giving back to the Adelaide community as much as they have giving us. 

 G:  So when will we be seeing a release from Funkoars and what should we expect? 

Sesta: Shit is recorded, shit is mastered, shit is on its way any moment now

Trials: expect lots of head nodding beats from Sesta and myself as well as a few from FG. We got some wild guests on it rocking along with us, Pressure, Headlock, Suffa and Hunter featuring on a few tracks with Flux owning the decks.  

 G:  Trials, being a part aboriginal emcee what is your view on the ABC documentary that showed a lot of other Aboriginal emcees who were rocking accents and seemed to be just imitating a lot of what they had heard? 

Trials: I think I missed it. Its the same as anywhere else really, a lot of these kids are just imitating 2pac and shit because that’s all they are interested in or have access too. We’ve all got to start somewhere though.  

 G:  Do you see yourself as a role model for young indigenous kids who are starting to rap? 

Trials: Nah, not at all, there are a few cats around representing at the moment. Brother Black who’s down with Morganics from Sydney does a lot of stuff for the indigenous communities like workshops and shows, they a bringing a really positive aspect to the scene. 

  G:  Also Trials, on the Out 4 Fame battle, what did it feel like to know that everyone wanted you to win? 

Trials: fuckin wicked, I was mad pleased people even considered me for it. Maybe next time.  

G:  Alrighty, Hons.  I believe you are looking at dropping a VCD of some sort, what does that entail, when will it be available and will there be nudity? 

Hons: Yeah, called ‘The Full Honsy’, heaps of live footage from some dope crews. It’s gonna be out through Peepshow Entertainment, no nudity due to legal reasons. It should be out next week available through me (  aswell as a few select stores around Adelaide and hopefully interstate.  Go to for more info. 

 G:  How important is freestyling and battling to Funkoars? 

Sesta: Its not just important to the Funkoars, its important to the scene itself, with one comes the other but yeah, battling and shit is a major element of our rhymes

Trials: Yeah it’s a good way for cats who are eager to be heard to get their name out and to piss on weak mc’s  

G:  Ok, off hip hop for a question quickly.  What item would each of you take into the Big Brother house as your luxury item?

 Sesta: A crowbar to get the fuck out of there, I hate the shit. They are a bunch of homos.

Trials: See above

Hons: Four porno mags and some hand cream, it comes in a pack 

 G:  Beer of choice? 

Sesta: Corona

Hons: Geelong Draught

Trials: Vodka  

G:  You guys seem pretty switched on with the internet side of promotions with the Certified Wise Web Ring. Who came up with the idea and what do you think in general about the internet for Oz hip Hop? 

Hons: Well First, Suffa made the interenet, and he made the web ring that shortly followed

Sesta: and then there was light

Trials: Internet is good – is a favourite of mine.

 Sesta: and yeah, it does play a big part in keeping heads in touch with whats going onTrials: It’s a good place for cunts to get shit out and about. Especially with dudes like MassMC making a lot of moves and giving a lot of support for the scene at the moment by sponsoring jams and running 

G:   You guys stopped over in Melbourne a few weekends back , what did you do, how much did you drink and did you have fun? 
Sesta: We just went over to catch up with a lot of our Victorian mates and stayed at the Hospice mansion, drank a lot, remembered little.

Hons: $12 got me 6 minutes of a chick penetrating herself with a closed fist in a booth with a wet floor

Trials: I was warned not to touch the walls  

G:  Just finally, anyone you would like to thank or anything to say to your fans or fans of Oz hip Hop in general? 

Trials: Big up, keep supporting, buy me beer and give us lifts. What up to my associate Vents1 who just scored a deal with Leeds United

Sesta: Yeah we always need lifts of the weekend

Hons: Props to all the cunts who go to shows and buy albums, sick cunts 

G: Well Spank you Funkoars, now cmon Barbie, lets go party.


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