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July 26, 2007

MC INFALLIBLE – A burning ambition interview

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FORCE:  So a little background check to kick it off mate, you know the regulars, age, where you from etc?

INFALLIBLE: Werd well 19 Years old Mate, I’m from the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne in a place called Cranbourne, Been into hiphop for most of my life and Australian hiphop for the past few years.

G:  You have just dropped your first release, an EP titled “A Burning Ambition”, can you tell us about this burning ambition, what is it and have you achieved it with this EP?

I: Well thus far I’ve completed a life long goal/ambition of mine which was to have something I was proud of out there, But that didn’t hit me until DJ Flagrant sent me a message saying I should be proud of what I cut @ dB studios and that’s when it kicked in, I kinda thought hey ..Yer I should be proud, I put lot of efforts gone into this.

G:  What do you want people to take away from listening to the EP?

I: I’d like people to feel the raw emotions at times that I display throughout the coarse of the EP, for example In “Pussywhipped” I want the listener to feel what I’m going through and what the person is going through that the song is actually about who happens to be a good mate of mine, Other then that I just hope they take a CD they listen to over and over again and hopefully want some more in the near future.

G:  The EP kicks off with a religious quote from the funny ass flick “Dogma”, and the track Burning Ambition seems to deal with a little bit of religion, are you a religious man and how does this influence your music? (Or is it just cause he says God is infallible?)

 I: Well its funny you ask that, As a child I was raised a pretty strict catholic, but it seems when I hit the about ten, I just got sick of it, and although I went to a catholic high school, Religion was possibly the least thing on my mind at the time, However in saying that, “ A Burning Ambition” does borrow from many biblical ideologies and delves into the religious spectrum. 

G:  I feel that the EP offers a lot of diversity, with tracks running from an aggressive spit feel such as Burning Ambition then it flows off into “Pussywhipped” a fucken hilarious track about pussywhipping, did you feel that diversity would create a difference in your release?

I: Definitely I was so overly sick of hearing the same style of tracks over an Entire album, I thought that concept had been done to death, and hey myself being an avid listener I knew what I wanted, I wanted an EP or LP with different concepts which gave me bang for buck and also kinda shocked the listener when one track put them into a particular mind frame, then the next track would come on in with a completely different concept.

G:  Ok, the beats on your EP are straight fire, obviously this held a fair bit of importance with you, was it a case of producers you had heard and just had to have their beats and what influenced your choices?

I:  No I definitely knew which producers I wanted to work with I’ve been listening to Australian Hiphop for a few years and in that time had the chance to listen to some serious works of art, People like StatD are quite unknown at this point of time, I believe this EP will change that because this guy has seriously been slept on, if your after a groovy neofunk chill beat that you can rock for ages then this is you man. If you want a beat so hot and fiery that your speaker’s just blow the fuck up the moment his beats come on. Then trials beats are the ones for you. And also this dude has great diversity he can make nearly any style beat, and finally Bdeps beats I can only describe as utterly amazing the first time I heard the beat he provided my spine tingled.

G:  With the producers again, you have a pretty straight line up on the EP, how did you hook up with all these cats being that they are from all corners of our country?

I: Well welcome to the age of the Internet and mobile phone! , Ahha well I pretty much approached every person in the same manner, I asked repeatedly until they eventually gave into my submission, ahha no really though some of these guys took risks allowing me to use their beats I think I managed to pretty well but I’ll let the listeners be the judge.

G:  Situation Critical features Hunter, 360 and Versa, obviously emcees you are stoked to work with, who else would you like to work with in the future however?

I: well without a doubt I would love to work with the Hired goons, hospice crew, any of the three elements that make up the Lyrical Commission, Pegz, Funkoars, Syllabolics, Reason Clandestine or even put a track down with Tzu.

G:  Who do you think is killing it at the moment when it comes to these areas, Producing, Freestyling and just straight tracks?

I: Ok in the production realm you just cannot go past a Trem or Prowla beat, these guys redefine the word “PHAT BEATS”, these guys in my view are just amazingly skilled and advanced, In the freestyle realm, I think Anecdote, Ciecmate, New sense, Trials are pretty amazing. Straight up tracks, I’m realling Digging Clandestine, can’t go past how trem rips a beat, or if I’m in a more laid back mood Hilltops are the shit.

G:  Are there any artists that you feel people should watch out for, some tracks you have heard that make you think that these cats need some attention?

 I: I will assume you mean like in a good context, just reading that question it could be misinterpreted as people needing attention with there tracks or something. Well Although 360 is in my crew, anyone who feels this kid don’t deserve the attention his getting should feel free to approach me about this, The first time he caught my attention was at a MC battle where he was matched up to a very dope MC and he ripped a line “ This motherfucker took obese records seriously”, Although he later lost that final, since then I made it my task to make sure this kid and I hooked up. 

G:  How dope is Mad Capa? Haha

 I: Madcapa is a savoir, This guy is without a doubt the best hiphop related graphic designer Australia will EVER see, this guys just nuts, his handling the Coxster cover art work at moment as Coxsters debut album will be on shelves VERY soon, anyone who wishes to checkout the rawness of madcapa feel free to goto he even designed the graph style logo. 

G:  Cerebral Atrophy.  This crew seems to be full of young up and comers, who are determined to let people know who they are and that they are here.  Tell me a little about each member of the crew and what they bring to the table?

I: Sure, well there are three lyricist to this crew, first we have the newest member called Anecdote, who is affiliated with Doublebeef Crew run by MassMC, This guy is one word “breathtaking”, I mean it I’ve never seen someone be able to freestyle off the top quicker then this guy, Revolver 2003 MC’s better be on guard or else this kids going all the way! 360 is so advanced for his age I really think this kids just lying to me about his age. Ahha Nar seriously 360 would be my favourite individual up and comer of the moment, then there is myself so considering this interviews about me in parts I just skip, we actually have two DJ’s, the studio DJ who happens to run the studio we will be recording at dB studios is Dj Flagrant, an amazing bloke who helped me so much without him there is no way in hell my EP would have been ready. DJ shame is the last member, and up and coming producer and DJ..This guys beats progress so fast that I feel by the end of the year his beats will be unbelievable hot.

G:  When will Cerebral Atrophy drop, and how similar will the overall feel be between A Burning Ambition and the stuff you will drop with Cerebral Atrophy?

I: The stuff on Cerebral Atrophy LP will be a lot more complex and battle orientated, I felt the battle concepts had been abit done to death so I was pretty stagnant in my battle phase over the EP, although Situation critical does have a battle tip It was just a way to let my aggression out at certain people who were annoying me at the time.

G:  From the original album cover displayed on your website in comparison to the EP that you sent me I see a few tracks have either been dropped or not ready when I copped the EP.  Have some tracks been dropped and if so, why is that?  If not, when do I get my full version huh? Haha

I:  Yes that’s correct, we dropped two tracks, these although were decent track even after mastering we felt they didn’t have the same dynamics as the tracks recorded at dB studios as they were recorded last year in another studio, They are actually the first two tracks I recorded but feeling no one should miss out on them I’ve made them available on my website for free.

G: AUS VS NZ – who do you think will win, who do you think will stand out?

I: I think weapon X has gotten a bad rap as of recent and I think he will really surprise a lot of people after having spoken to him recently, I think that both teams will shine and my heart obviously goes with the Australian side but I have battled one of the members from the N.Z team previously and know how good they can be. So I will honestly say I don’t know who will win but I really hope its AUSTRALIA of course.

G:  Do you have any gigs coming up that you would like to plug and are you looking for support acts or other crews to perform with you?

 I: Well  I should be having some form of a launch at the laundry abit later in the year and 360 will be doing some support as well as several other MC’s , At the moment a gig is being organised in Perth for I believe the September period so if that is confirmed that will be happening as well as a gig being organised in Brisbane I believe as of yet though there are no confirmed dates, People can check up on my website for upcoming dates. 

G:  Besides gigs what are you future plans?

I: My futures plans are to simply progress to the best of my ability and hopefully still be releasing albums in ten or so years, I don’t want to be one of those dudes who release once and disappear into the mist .

    G:  Alrighty, Cranbourne is your home, I used to play baseball there.  One time at the park a guy jumped over a back fence and ran across the field with three plants under his arm, have things changed much?

I: AHAHAH No not at all, Cranbourne I think will always have its issues it’s a very interesting place to live in, the first year I lived here I got chased down the main strip by 50 guys hurling beer bottles at me for no particular reason, so life’s interesting here but hey as the track says “its home to me “.

G: Any advice for the kiddies who wanna be part of the oz hip-hop scene?

I: Keep trying and keep working on you shit, Take everyone’s opinions into consideration but remember the final decision always lays on you. Get your music out there and don’t stop at anything until you achieve the goals you have set out for yourself.

G:  I asked Trials this question, but I think it is good so fuck it ima ask you as well.  What would be you luxury item that you would take in the Big Brother household?

I: My luxury item without a doubt would my zippo lighter because I smoke and wouldn’t be able to handle no cigarette so when it all got too much for me Id burn that fucking joint down and in hail the smoke fumes.

G:  Finally, drop some shout outs and some thank-yous to all the homies out there who have helped you on your way to achieve your Burning Ambition.

I: Well id like to thank: dB studios, MC Hunter, Trials, 360, Versa, DJ Flagrant, Bdeps, Mark1, Wika, CHECKOUTWAX for distributing my release and anyone else who has helped me along the way, Shout outs to everyone that knows me because I don’t want to forget someone and have people getting angry!

G:  Thanks Infallible and good luck with everything, will have a beer with you on Sunday at Hi-Fi.

 I: Thank you so much for your time Gareth I appreciate you taking the time to interview me and thank you to MassMC and for doing such an amazing job. G: Cool, and thanks for letting everyone know my goofy real name, haha. OUT


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