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July 26, 2007


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Force – Firstly, congratulations on the new release.  How do you think that this varies overall, if it does, to the 2001 self-titled release? 

  • Grafik – It’s nothing more than the simple progression of skills.

 F – So how did you all meet and form Clandestien? 

  • Tommahawk -We all met at a Mya Appreciation Club meeting.
  • G – Ever since the days of “ghetto superstar” we were hooked!

 F – So, what the hell does Clandestien mean? 

  • Mortar – the name is a bastardisation of the word Clandestine which means: Secretive, concealed, usually in a bad sense.

 F – Some people, not me, are comparing you to such crews as Base Dynamics, Cannibal Tribe and other Sydney crews.  Do you think your sound is similar or is it the sound of Perth and do you have any words for anyone comparing? 

  • T – Good lord man what are you talking about?
  • M – It’s just the sound of Clandestien. Perth’s too isolated to be concerned with what’s going on in other scenes. Besides Cannibal Tribe, I think some of the crews ya referring to are still developing compared to us, this is our second official release, ya need to look back in time to see the full picture.
  • G -Ya need to retreat back and catch up to the demo!

  F – On that topic of sound, Mortar came very well with the beats.  What got you into producing, who are your influences and what equipment do you use? 

  • M – Grafik and T-hawk locked me in a cellar and said I couldn’t come out until I had an albums worth of bangers. They fed me nothing but fish heads in a bucket and took turns poking me with a stick to keep me awake and deprived of sleep. The whole process of making the beats is a complete blur. I need counseling.

 F – Oh yeah, congrats on winning the beat competition, did you enjoy it, anyone you think should get props for their work? 

  • M – I just trained harder and came out on top on the day. I had the sweet smell of victory in my nostrils and I was in the zone, as Mark Holden would say “Touchdown!” Plus I new there was a trophy up for grabs! Aint no one blocking my shine! Props to Espa for hosting!

    F – Track 5 on the album ‘Eye for an Eye’ is an impressive story telling journey, what influenced this track as it varies a bit from the rest of the album, lyrically and beat wise? 

  • T -Incessant laughter.
  • M – And Rod Stewarts tight pants.

 F – Tomahawks designs seem heavily graff influenced.  What are your influences from the scene and are you still involved? 

  • T – I don’t really get influenced by the scene, I just do what I do, its all in the lyrics, pick the references.

 F – The Designs for the album cover are pretty damn awesome, especially the thank-you picture, how long did it take you Tomahawk and what artistic influences, besides graff influences you in designing such intricate works? 

  • T – Good lord man, that was just a spare lying under the bed.

 F – Lyrically Clandestien bring that sort of hard battle type edge to their tracks however you have the ability to switch such as ‘Eye For An Eye’, ‘My Enemy and I’ and also tracks such as ‘Roses Thorn’.  Did these tracks vary in the creative process and if so how? 

  • G – Nah, its all the same.
  • T – Put it on shuffle and ya wont notice the difference.

 F – Also on lyrics, what influences you; there seem to be dark almost gothic undertones at times, what inspires you and who are your influences? 

  • T – Mya.
  • G – Robbie Williams and the West Coast Eagles theme song.
  • M – A full bucket of fish heads and a sharp pointy stick. And lack of sleep.

 F – On the process of creating your tracks, beat first, lyrics first, big group session, what’s the go? 

  • M – Firstly Thomo thinks of everything, I bang out a rhythm on the empty bucket with a wooden spoon, Graf writes all the rhymes and then we all try to catch up for afternoon tea and scones. It wavers a bit but I think that’s slightly accurate.
  • G – Sometimes it crumpets.

       F – What are your aspirations for Dynasty and Clandestien, what did you set out to achieve by releasing this album, what do you want the listeners to gain from it? 

  • T – A false sense of security.
  • G – Its like cunts will listen and go “oh yeah I know how they gonna flip it”, then its like “oh shit, I just got caught with my pants down!”

 F – Finally, will we see Clandestien touring shortly? 

  • T – No, Longley.
  • M – Confidence is high, repeat, confidence is high.

 F – Any last words for the OzHipHop.Com public? 

  • M – Somebody send for help. PLEASE!
  • T – Peace to Mya.
  • G – Skills, recognize skills cunts.

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